About JPO


‘Dawn - A Hopeful New World’

Warmest greetings from the Land Below The Wind, North Borneo, Sabah, Malaysia!

It has indeed been an extensively displacing year for our orchestra and all musicians around the world, with inestimable losses in education, job, and performance opportunities. Yet, in spite of seemingly insurmountable adversities, we are thankful for the creative resolves of our old and new volunteers (Speakers, Moderators, Performers, Organizing Committee) around the world who, together, unreservedly work on overcoming obstacles to connect with each other, and enabling the continuation of our annual music festival virtually,

Such, is the enduring resonance of music, through history, present, and ad infinitum.

Our theme and inspiration this year is the vision of hope, with the aspect of a darkened Mount Kinabalu emerging with the light of dawn on this fair island we call ‘home’ representing optimism for the future. The chosen, composition of Dvorak’s New World Symphony reflects this imagery with a majestic declaration of hope achieved amidst adversity. We welcome all musicians to join our borderless musical community.

The Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra (JPO)* was co-founded in April, 2007 by Yap Ling and Chou Yang Ching in Kota Kinabalu. It is registered as a non profit organization. The driving force of forming this orchestra is to provide a conducive environment of ensemble playing for instrumentalists. The formation of this orchestra also gives a chance for both teachers and students to interact and play together in unity through music. It also provides an opportunity to those former band members from schools to continue playing after leaving schools.

JPO mission is to create a significant musical contribution to the cultural life of the community, providing its members and audience with opportunities for musical growth through creative direction, excellence in performance and educational outreach.

*Jesselton is the old name for the city of Kota Kinabalu (KK)


JPO has Full Orchestra, String Orchestra, Concert Band and Chamber Music Concerts. Besides we also have masterclasses, workshops, music camps and some intensive trainings.


Outreach Program where we teach over 200+ under privileged students every week for free with instruments provided. They are from 7 Outreach sites and the furthest away is just an hour ferry ride from Singapore, Batam. Most students are orphans, from very poor family and special kids.


Music Examination Board where we dedicated to our Outreach because the major exam boards are too expensive to enroll. And we are also trying to make it into the main exam board in South East Asia so more people can afford to sit for exam.


This online interview broadcast is where people can learn from professional & experts, what they cannot find in normal lessons, classes or lectures even in Universities.