Day 1, Friday

5:30 – 6:30 PM

Topic Description:

Many professionally trained pianists do not only focus on solo performances. In fact, more often than not pianists work in collaboration with other instrumentalists, vocalists, choirs or the orchestra. This forum explores the careers outside of solo work that graduating pianists would probably encounter, and discusses what are the skillsets that would be desirable in such varied careers.

Day 2, Saturday

4:00 – 5:00 PM

The Present Situation and Prospect of Composition in Malaysia Composition (In Mandarin)


Moderator 主持人 : Dr Wong Chee Wei 黄志伟博士

Panelist 嘉宾 : Dr Chong Kee Yong 钟启荣博士

Mr Yii Kah Hoe 余家和先生

Mr Simon Kong Su Leong 江赐良先生

Topic Description:

马来西亚作曲界的现状及展望 - 以马来西亚现代作曲家协会的视角出发



Day 3, Sunday 1:15 – 2:15 PM

An Die Musik: The First Voice Vocalists Fell In Love With (In Mandarin)

《致音樂 ——歌唱家們的聲樂初體驗》

Moderator 主持人 : Stefano Chen, Tenor 男高音陳穎豪

Panelist 嘉宾 : Cecilia Yap, Soprano 女高音葉潔芝

Tan Chee Shen, Tenor 男高音陳志軒

William Lee, Baritone 男中音林偉林

Topic Description:


Day 3, Sunday 5:30 – 6:30 PM

Topic Description:

Panelists from different countries share their outreach experiences as musicians AND their professions as teacher, humanitarian, professor of allied health sciences, CEO, luthier, and medical doctor. Panelists will share the sustainability of their respective outreach program, the setbacks as well as creative resolves in overcoming adversities, especially in this prolonged Covid-19 pandemic. The importance of a supportive music outreach community such as this Music Festival, to ensure continuity of the programs. 。