Maestro Clinic DAY 1

10:00 – 10:30 AM

Highs & Lows: How to Master the Full Range of your Brass Instrument

Jacob Dalager (Trumpeter & Composer)

Topic Description:

The outer limits of an instrument's range are of particular challenge to brass players. In this clinic, Dr. Jacob Dalager will discuss strategies and exercises to develop a strong, accurate, and consistent range from the pedal register to the stratosphere.

11:15 – 11:45 AM

Building a Routine for Brass

Yau Yann Zhe (Trumpeter)

Topic Description:

Have you ever wondered what goes into a daily practice routine? What is a good routine? What are ideas and concepts we can use for said routines? Do routines change or are routines routines. Join us on this discussion with Yau Yann Zhe, who will be discussing this on how he builds his routines in the hopes that this will help you build your own.

1:15 – 1:45 PM

Baroque Music Transcription For Guitar

Adolfo Timuat Toyoda (Guitar & Luthier)

Topic Description:

  1. Reasons why we play transcriptions.

2. The capability of guitar to adopt music written for other instruments.

2:00 – 2:30 PM

The First Harpsichord Built in Malaysia: Mechanics and the Journey

Dr.Andrew Filmer (Violist & Musicologist)

Topic Description:

From the end of 2018 into 2019, three musicians – none of them keyboard players – embarked on an adventurous endeavour: the build the first harpsichord constructed in Malaysia, and the first by Malaysians. After an initial month of setup, work on this project proceeded every single day for three months: sawing, sandpapering, drilling, filing, weighing, measuring, painting, varnishing and balancing, among others. Simultaneously they began a fundraising project of over thirty concerts and workshops, raising the RM31,140 needed to pay for the ‘kit’ of raw parts from The Paris Workshop, and the various tools and supplies to construct the Ruckers single-manual instrument.

Since then, the instrument has been in the care of Wicked Music People and used on loan by the Malaysia Bach Festival and Red Dot Baroque. The team was comprised of lead builder Ng U-En, Hai Lin Lee and Andrew Filmer. Andrew takes us on a short tour of this instrument and some of its features and discusses what it was like to be a part of this groundbreaking project.

4:00 – 4:30 PM

Professional Ethics: Even Students can be Professional

Lance Low Wen Hong (Trombonist & Music Arranger)

Topic Description:

You spend many hours practicing your craft, attending lessons thought out your formative years. Maybe you are in a music university orchestra, chamber group, or maybe you’re already out there freelancing. How can you increase your chances of gaining more gigs? How can you developed your professionalism to suit performances and rehearsals.

Join us on this discussion with Lance Wen Hong (Lance), who will be discussing and sharping tops on having professionalism.

4:45 – 5:15 PM

Topic Description:

We cannot make music without our bodies – but yet this is far too rarely talked about in instrumental lessons. I want to explain from a cellist’s perspective how body-awareness is an important base for a good technique and expressive musicality. You are welcome to share your thoughts, whichever instrument you play !

6:45 – 7:15 PM

Playing Baroque Music on the Piano

Iswargia Sudarno (Pianist & Conductor)

Topic Description:

We all know that the modern piano is not the keyboard instrument that the Baroque composers had as their disposals. This short talks might give us some reasons and enlightenment why we should still play Baroque compositions, with some tips about what musical and technical aspects that we might encounter when playing them on the piano.

9:30 – 10:00 PM

Music Bringing Hope

Joanna Gill (Composer)

Topic Description:

Music is a universal language, and in this time of a national pandemic it has been used as a powerful tool to not only help unite people all across the world, but also brought comfort, peace and hope to so many people. As a Composer I'm going to explore the amazing power music has and its effective tool to bring hope.