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Dr. Andrew Filmer

Dr Andrew Filmer has won prizes in viola performance, musicological research, public speaking, teaching, and leadership, and is active as a violist, narrator, and researcher.

He has presented research at three International Viola Congresses, and was the first non-American Editor of the Journal of the American Viola Society. Andrew has facilitated workshops for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and Trinity College London, been featured on Australian national radio and was a member of the New Zealand jazz band The Troubles.

He is a Senior Lecturer at Sunway University’s School of Arts.

Adolfo Timuat Toyoda

Adolfo Timuat Toyoda is a performer and maker of flamenco guitar. He started at the age of 13. As of to date he has performed almost all over the world, to mention a few, Carnegie Hall, twice at the Lincoln Center, and at the United Nations Headquarters at New York and Switzerland. Adolfo has been living in Spain for the past 34 years, and studied both guitar playing and guitar making from the best maestros, the impeccable builder Maestro Arcangel Fernandez and Maestro Manuel Caceres of Madrid.

At present Adolfo promote young artists to perform in festivals organized in the Philippines, Taiwan and Spain etc. He has an foundation in Indonesia, Art For a Better World (AFBW) to encourage and teach less privileged children, also gives lectures and workshops on guitar playing and guitar/ukulele making. He is also a consultant for Yilan Music Festival (Taiwan) and the Philippine Guitar Festival in Cebu, Philippines. He is also member of the “Artisania de Castilla-La Mancha” with an actual license to build musical instrument in Spain. In 2019, he was granted the honorary citizen of Yilan, Taiwan by the Mayor of Yilan.

He now has a guitar making shop in Spain, the Philipines, and a school in Taiwan(The International Musicraft of Asia).

Carolyn Lo

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Carolyn was offered a full graduate assistantship from Miami University, Ohio to pursue a Masters in Piano Performance and successfully graduated in 2011. She also holds the LRSM and FTCL performance diplomas with distinction, as well as a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Newcastle, Australia. In 2015, she became the first Malaysian to be awarded the FRSM in piano performance with a distinction.

Having won awards and prizes locally and internationally, she has performed both as a soloist and a collaborative pianist in music festivals, recitals and competitions in the USA, Austria, Taiwan, Korea, Macau, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. As a soloist, she appeared in the KL Piano Gala for five consecutive years since 2013 and performed the Saint-Saens 4th Piano Concerto with the Penang Philharmonic in the same year. In 2014, she premiered works of two Malaysian composers at the KL Piano Gala Concert and appeared in a duet concert in Kuala Lumpur. She was also featured as a concerto soloist in 2017 with the Selangor Philharmonic Orchestra (SPO) and the Penang Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO) performing Beethoven’s 2nd Piano Concerto and Grieg’s Piano Concerto respectively. In July 2018, she was invited to perform chamber works at the JB Classical Music Festival. In the same year she organised and performed in “An Enchanted Evening”, a piano duo charity concert with her husband, Malaysian pianist Loo Bang Hean in Kuala Lumpur. Last year, she made her debut solo performance at the Musikverein, Vienna and Carnegie Hall, New York in September and November respectively.

Carolyn has given masterclasses locally and abroad. She teaches at the Institute of Music, UCSI University and has a private piano studio. She was an adjunct lecturer at Universiti Putra Malaysia, and also the Music Consultant of LS Music Sdn. Bhd. (Yamaha), where she conducted teachers training and advancement programmes for the past 9 years. Over the years, her students have won numerous prizes in piano competitions held locally as well as overseas.

Apart from teaching, she is also a well sought-after adjudicator. She has been invited to be part of the panel of jurors for the UCSI International Competition 2014 & 2016, the Malaysian Youth Music Festival 2016 as well as the 15th Hong Kong (Asia Pacific) Piano Competition 2016. She also adjudicated at the KK Music Festival as well as the Borneo Performing Arts Festival in 2017. Subsequently in 2018, she was also part of the jury panels for the Borneo Performing Arts Festival in Kota Kinabalu as well as the Euroasia Piano Competitions held in various states around Malaysia. In 2019, she was invited again to adjudicate various piano competitions held in this region. In that same year she presented at the ABRSM Music Teachers Conference in Kuala Lumpur.

Cecilia Yap 叶洁芝

女高音叶洁芝毕业于意大利罗马国立音乐学院 (Conservatorio di musica ‘Santa Cecilia’, Roma), 师承Lorraine Nawa Jones 和Kristin Ann Saldarelli 学习声乐, 追随Marcella Govoni, Marcello Ferroni 意大利著名歌剧导演,钻研舞台艺术表演(Arte scenica). 留意期间, 曾在各地演出, 并被邀至当地国家电台RAI演出. 1994年获得意大第7届Cascinalirica国际声乐大赛得奖, 也是唯一亚裔得得奖者. 意大著名歌剧刊物”L’Opera”, 评述演唱具细致丰富的音乐语言以及充满戏剧生命张力. 她也是2002年度Kakiseni Cameronian Art’s Award的最佳独唱演唱奖之得主.

曾多次被邀演出歌剧,神剧, 音乐会以及大师班指导, 足迹遍及全马各地, 意大利、葡萄牙、法国、荷兰、德国科隆、美国(洛杉矶、德州、兰城、新泽西、华盛顿)纽西兰、澳洲、中国、韩国、星加玻、香港,台湾及印尼.


Bizet-Carmen (Micaela ), Humperdinck-Hansel und Gretel (Mother),

Puccini的Turandot(Liu), Cio-cio San (蝴蝶夫人)


韩德尔-- 《弥赛亚》,《Dixit Dominus》(HWV 232),亚洲首演--海顿- “创世记“、巴哈-《圣马太受难曲》、《B小调弥撒曲”, 莫差特-《D小调安魂曲》,C小调《庄严弥撒曲》,布拉姆斯《德意志安魂曲》、孟德尔颂-Elijah 《以利亚》、St. Paul 《圣保罗》,《诗篇95》和 《颂赞之歌》、维瓦蒂–“

《荣耀颂”》(RV 589), Dixit Dominus (RV 594)、贝多芬- 《第九交响曲》及中国清唱剧《黄河大合唱》(南洋商报80周年纪念汇演",指挥颜良琨先生).

她也是第一位在亚洲首演演唱韩德尔之7首女高音独唱《荣耀颂》 (Gloria HWV deest号, 2001年被发现之作品) , 由资深圣乐指挥家李忠民牧师带领演出。

2015年,在世界公认的巴哈作品权威演绎者铃木雅明(Masaaki Suzuki)的指挥下, 耶加达管弦音乐乐厅演出巴哈之清唱剧BWV137号, 并担任巴哈《尊主颂》(Magnificat in D)女高音独唱。

2015年吉隆坡城市歌剧公司委任声乐艺术指导,曾参与指导的歌剧制作包括Puccini之La Boheme“波希米亚人”(2016), Donizetti 之Le fille du Regiment “连队的女儿”以及 Mozart之 Le Nozze di Figaro “费加罗的婚礼”(2017), Humperdinck之“糖果屋Hansel and Gretel” (2018), Verdi之La Traviata“茶花女”、Mozart之“魔笛”(2019)

2017~19, 连续三年参与从耶加达出发的大型巡回音乐会Grand Concert Tour, 由布道家唐崇荣博士指挥,率领耶加达音乐厅管弦乐团(Aula Simfonia Jakarta)与耶加达神剧社团(Jakarta Oratorio Society)的成员们,担任女高音独唱:Mendelssohn之“Hymns of Praise”, 贝多芬第九交响曲第四乐章“欢乐颂”,Handel “弥赛亚”. 足迹遍布印尼13洲, 香港,台湾(台北、高雄),新加坡, 纽西兰与澳洲。

2018年正月29日, 洁芝荣幸的被意大利总统赐勋颁发骑士勋章的荣誉称号(Knight of the Order of the Star of Italy)~由驻马来西亚意大利大使C. Maggipinto代表颁发。 该奖项授予外国人推广意大利文化和国外声望的卓越人士。

Dr. Chan Ning Lee

The three most important areas of Chan Ning's life are faith, medicine and music.

He grew up in international schools in Singapore, Australia and Malaysia and went on to read medicine at King’s College London. He currently in his final years of ophthalmic specialty training in Liverpool and have a keen interest in volunteering and serving God in diagnosing and treating preventable blindness in areas of deprivation and inequity.

Having started playing the violin at the age of 4 under the tutelage of Masako Suzuki White, his violin has remained at his side through this journey and provides a source of solace and creativity to balance out the stresses of academia and clinical practice.

While Chan Ning has proclivities for the solo works of Bach and Wieniawski, the majority of his musical experiences have been in participating and leading ensembles – with stints in conservatoire and community orchestras in the United Kingdom covering symphonies, ballets and operatic works; and more recently chamber repertoire with his Liverpool based quartet under the tutelage of Professor Anthony Shorrocks.

Chan Ning sees classical music (particularly live ensemble performance) as a wonderful language that conveys a depth of emotion, complexity and teamwork rarely experienced in other fields – and is passionate about sharing this experience with others; preferably at the same time as helping people to see!

Dr. Chong Kee Yong 鍾啟榮博士

鍾啟榮博士教授是馬來西亞頂尖的作曲家,獲獎無數,也是當代其中一名令人驚喜的作曲家。在為數不多的實驗音樂作曲家中,鍾啟榮得以將各種精美的音色混合在一起,是其中一名出色的實驗音樂作曲家。著名作曲家Peter Eotvos形容他為富有想象力和詩意的作曲家,Jonathan Harvey則形容他的音樂非常具有創造力和純潔。他的音樂具有華人和馬來西亞多元文化特色。

鍾啟榮的卓越表現,讓他贏得無數的獎項。鍾啟榮的得獎記錄包括:比利時皇家科學文學與藝術研究院Marcel Hastir大獎(1999年、2003年)、第四屆波蘭安德烈‧帕努夫尼克青年作曲家獎(2002年)、第二屆首爾國際作曲塞大獎(2003年)、2003年德國馬克斯雷格國際作曲家比賽(2004年)、馬來西亞國油愛樂交響樂團國際作曲大獎(2004年)、漢城尹伊桑國際作曲家比BMW大獎(2007年)、波蘭華沙盧託拉斯基獎第二名(2006年)、Giga-Hertz-Award 2009特別獎(德國爾斯魯厄ZK電子音樂聲學中心)。他也獲得多個團體和機構邀請成為駐院作曲家,包括Akademie der Kunste(德國)、Herrenhaus Edenkoben(德國)、亞洲文化協會(美國)、Henri Pousseur中心(比利時)、SWR Experimental Studio(德國弗萊堡) Civitella Ranieri Foundation Fellowship (美國 /意大利) , 韓国传统国乐中心, 瑞士IGNM-VS / Forum Wallis 2017 ,春天工作室 (香港)和阿联阿布达比文化高峯论坛

他也是第一位獲得美國庫塞維茲基音樂基金會獎學金的馬來西亞人,同時也獲得馬來西亞十大傑出青年獎(文化成就獎)。 在2014年,英國哈德斯菲爾德大學 (Huddersfield University)基於他對東南亞當代樂壇的貢獻而頒發全額獎學金受教于Liza Lim教授和在2016授予哲學博士學位。

鍾啟榮博士是C工作室的藝術創意總監和馬來西亞當代作曲家協會的副主席(2011-2016)和主席 (2017-2019)。也擔任2009年吉隆坡當代音樂節和馬來西亞當代作曲家協會當代音樂節“音橋”2013, 2015,2017和2019 的藝術總監。2016-2017上海音乐学院特聘作曲教授和2018丹麦皇家音乐学院访问特聘作曲教授。

Dr. Chong Pek Lin

Dr. Chong Pek Lin {D. Mus, (University of Pretoria), M.A., B.Sc. Hons, Dip. Ed, LTCL (Piano), P. Dip. (Singing)} began her career as a Chemistry teacher. Realizing that her passion lay in music, she switched fields, becoming a music lecturer at Institute of Teacher Education Batu Lintang, Kuching.

Since 1995, she has conducted research in Sarawak ethnic music, winning international recognition in the process. Her interest in ethnic music began from her frustration in finding transcribed local folk songs for her choir to sing. Focusing on the Kenyah (a minority Bornean ethnic group), she began her sojourns into upriver Sarawak. Fieldwork involved traversing hazardous rapids by river or negotiating rough logging roads to remote settlements in the Baram and Belaga districts. Over the years, she has documented over a hundred songs, many of which are featured in the books she has written. She has just published her fourth book, the second edition of Folk Songs of Sarawak: Songs From the Kenyah Community (2020, Dayak Cultural Foundation) with audio-recordings available from her website: www.peklinkenyah.com.

From 2004 to 2006, she was the chief researcher for the project From Upriver longhouses to the modern classroom, funded by the United States Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation. In July 2006, she was a recipient of the ISME-Gibson award for outstanding music educators, presented at the ISME 27th World Conference. Local awards include Tokoh Guru Sarawak in conjunction with the 2018 Teacher’s Day celebrations. In 2020 she became a member of the International Kodály Society László Vikár International Folk Music Research Forum.

Through her efforts, East Malaysian folk songs have been introduced into schools and featured prominently in choir performances and musical dramas. After retiring from government service, she continued her collaboration with ITE Batu Lintang, directing performances featuring her research materials on Sarawak ethnic music. She has presented over a dozen papers on Sarawak folksongs and their applications to music education at various international symposiums. Her most recent journal article: Kodály Inspired Research in Malaysia: Kenyah Songs in Music Education was published in the Hungarian music education journal Parlando in May 2020.

Dr. David Chin

Known for his charismatic personality and energetic conducting, David Chin has swiftly emerged as one of the rising conductors and musical leaders in the new generation of globe-trotting musicians. His recent performance of Bach’s Harpsichord Concerto in D major won him the 16th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards for Best Solo Performance. He is the founder and Artistic Director of Bachfest Malaysia, and the conductor of the award-winning Malaysia Bach Festival Singers and Orchestra, as well as Mendelssohnchor Malaysia.

The recent performances of St. Matthew Passion by the Malaysia Bach Festival Singers & Orchestra under David's direction was awarded "Best of 2019" and "Best Choral Ensemble Performance" for the 17th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards. They will perform multiple chorale cantatas at the St. Thomas Church during Bachfest Leipzig 2022.

David has also been invited to conduct at the Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage at Carnegie Hall in Spring 2022. In 2021, David will lead the Malaysia Bach Festival Singers & Orchestra in performances of Bach's St. John Passion, and the Mendelssohnchor Malaysia in Beethoven's Choral Fantasy and Bach's Christmas Oratorio in West Malaysia. In East Malaysia, he has been invited to conduct a concert tour featuring Beethoven's ​Missa solemnis.

David recently produced "Encountering Bach", a documentary on the life and works of J.S. Bach filmed exclusively at all the Bach sites and institutions in Germany. He has also been appointed to translate the latest Bach's biography by Michael Maul from German into Chinese. David holds both the Doctor of Musical Arts and Master of Music degrees from the Eastman School of Music, where he was the recipient of the Charles W. Kennett Scholarship and the Herman Genhart Choral Conducting Scholar Award, in addition to full scholarship to pursue both degrees.

Denise Ham

Denise Ham has an international reputation as a teacher of conducting, with private students coming to her from the USA, China, the Middle East and from across Europe. The basis of the technique she teaches is the Toscanini/Barzin technique- a comprehensive technique that combines fluent use of the baton with economic, natural use of the whole body.

She was tutor in conducting at the Royal Academy of Music from 1986-2009 and from 2006 -2016 founded and taught the Conducting Course at Blackheath Conservatoire, London. For many years she has been on the staff of the George Hurst Conductors’ Course at Sherborne (Canford) Summer School of Music.

Her conducting and teaching career has taken her to Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Switzerland Australia and Bermuda. In the UK principal conductorships have included the Worcestershire Symphony Orchestra, Birmingham Conservatoire, the Cheltenham Chamber Orchestra, the Aberdeenshire Youth Orchestra and currently the Bournemouth Rehearsal Orchestra.

Her instructional DVD, “The Craft of Conducting”, has a worldwide market, with many conductors testifying to its effectiveness in their work and study.

Fintan Murphy

Born in Melbourne, Fintan completed further study in Cologne with Helfried Fister, Christoph Poppen and the Amadeus quartet. He completed his Masters degree with Robert Gerle in Washington, D.C. A member of the Melbourne Symphony for many years, Fintan now performs as a recitalist and chamber musician.

Fintan’s research focuses on string pedagogy and his Violin Bow Technique, Violin Left Hand and Sevcik op.3 have been reviewed in journals such as the Strad, Stringendo and the American String teacher. Fintan has edited eight books of graded violin repertoire for the Australian Music Examinations Board and published peer reviewed articles in the British, the Australian and the International Journals of Music Education.

Fintan is the Chair of the Specialist Examining Panel for Strings for the Australian Music Examination Board and directs the Melbourne String Ensemble, a youth orchestra specializing in small ensemble repertoire and chamber music for strings. He has worked as a guest conductor and soloist with many youth orchestras in Europe. Fintan currently teaches at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School and Melbourne University.

Foo Say Ming

Say Ming is presently a 1st Violinist of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, and he is also the Head Of Strings at the Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts (NAFA) School Of Music (SOM) overseeing the string department for it's Diploma and Degree Music Performance and Teaching courses with Partner-University The Royal College Of Music (RCM) London United Kingdom. He is also Assistant Conductor of the National University Of Singapore (NUS) Symphony Orchestra (NUSSO), and also the Music Director/Solo of Singapore's hip chamber ensemble, re: mix .

At the 4th National Music Competition in Singapore (1983), Say Ming became the only musician in the competition's history to have been awarded 3 top prizes: Violin (Open), Chamber Music (Open), and the competition's Best Performer Award. He later furthered his musical studies at the Royal College Of Music under the tutelage of Rodney FRIEND, former concertmaster of New York Philharmonic, and the BBC Symphony Orchestra. He was later admitted into the class of the Great French violinist Pierre AMOYAL, the decorated protege of the great Jascha Heifetz, at the Conservatoire de Lausanne (Switzerland).

Say Ming has since been tremendously active in the Singapore music scene, giving countless recitals, chamber music concerts and guest-leading some of the island's orchestras. He has appeared as soloists with the SSO and several other orchestras of the region. His playing as been described as:

"... never faltered in his interpretation, weaving through the dramatic score like a beautiful silken thread." (The Press And Journal, Aberdeen, Scotland, Aug 2005)

"... supreme tenderness from soloist Foo Say Ming." (Evening Express, Aberdeen, Scotland, Aug 2005)

Say Ming leads and directs a unique chamber orchestra from Singapore - re: mix (www.remix.com.sg). This ensemble boasts of an eclectic repertoire ranging from John Adams to ABBA, Bach to Beatles, Mozart to movies, Schoenberg to Salsa! re: mix has been responsible for the creation and championing of a host of uniquely Singaporean works for these genres through its collaborations with many of our top local composers and arrangers. Amongst it's many achievements and tours, re: mix has since produced 2 CD's, and they, "Introducing re: mix" and "Wild And In Love" were crowned "CD Of The Year" by Singapore Straits Times in 2013 and 2018 respectively.

Fung Chern Hwei

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Fung Chern Hwei absorbed a large amount of musical information since young in his diverse surroundings: Chinese pop and classical music, Indian Bollywood tunes, Malay dance music, and western classical music. He insisted on learning the violin at around 4 years old, but couldn’t find a teacher until he was 8. Since then Chern Hwei thrust himself into the world of violin and has never looked back.

Shortly after starting violin lessons, Chern Hwei found himself imitating electric guitar and saxophone sounds on his violin. In his high school years, he broke the school’s ban on rock music and electric instruments by sneaking a heavy metal band on stage during a charity night. Seeds were being sown for a musical path far from that of the typical classical violinist.

Upon finishing graduate school in New York, Chern Hwei chose to stay on as a freelance musician, playing different genres of music, absorbing even more musical languages and means of expression. Styles that he plays frequently include western classical, jazz, middle-eastern belly dance music, historically-informed baroque, rock, and hip hop. He recently self-released his debut album, “From The Heart”.

Artists that he has been fortunate enough to work with include Uri Caine, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Stanley Clarke, Tony Bennett, Bobby McFerrin, Steve Wilson, Elliot Sharp, Antonio Sanchez, and composer Mikael Karlsson, among others.

Fung Kah Hing

With the beautiful tone color and great communicative power, Fung Ka Hing received good reputation no matter in the role of a trumpet performer or conductor.

Fung is active in trumpet performance and is always invited to be guest soloist. He had performed with Hong Kong Sinfonietta, Taichung Philharmonic Wind Ensemble, The Hong Kong Symphonic Winds, Hong Kong Performers Winds, Neo Winds and HK Tak Ming Philharmonic Winds.

Fung has been the Yamaha Artist (HK) since 2013 and he was the principle trumpet in City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong 2015-2017 and in Hong Kong Sinfonietta from 2007-2014. He had also collaborated with Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra (Taiwan), National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra, Macao Orchestra and Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra. He had performed abroad in Japan, Taiwan, North America, Canada, France, Netherland, Brazil, Argentina and so forth.

As an educator, Fung being active in conducting masterclass, workshop and seminar, he is now the faculty member of HKAPA and Hong Kong Baptist University.

Besides trumpet performance and education, Fung is also keen on conducting. He has been the Associate Music Director at Hong Kong Symphonic Winds since 2011. In 2013and 2017, he led the HKSW to compete in World Music Contest in Netherland and received great success.

Dr. Garry Kuan

Dr Garry Kuan is an associate professor of the Exercise and Sports Science Programme, School of Health Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Recently, he had completed his Postdoctoral studies at the Brunel University, London, United Kingdom (Music and human factors). Previously, he completed his PhD at Victoria University on Music and Sport Psychology.

Garry is the Secretary-General of the Asian-South Pacific Association of Sport Psychology (ASPASP), the Secretary-General of the Malaysian Sport Psychology Association (MASPA), the executive board member of the Asian Council of Sports Science (ACESS), and the scientific committee of the World Exercise Medicine. In 2019, he was appointed as the Chair of the international network of the Young Scientist Network – Academy of Science Malaysia (YSN-ASM) and the Sport Psychology Panelist for the National Coaching Academy of Malaysia. Garry has published over 120 scholarly manuscripts, with over 50 high-impact ISI journals and served as an editor and reviewer for numerous international journals. Besides, he had been invited to deliver over 10 keynotes and 40 invited presentations globally.

Previously, Garry served as the Senate member of Brunel University, a Sports science lecturer at Victora University, a Council member of Victoria University, the President of Australian Federation of International Students, and a contract Sports psychologist with the Australia Institute of Sport (AIS). He was also a certified trainer and Sport coach for the Active-After School Communities (AASC) programme, under the Australian Sports Commission, and a registered music therapist in Australia. Garry research had won numerous awards internationally. He received the “A-CIPA Young Researcher Award” at the 27th International Congress of Applied Psychology, International Scholars Award at the ICSEMIS pre-Olympic conference, and the Atsushi Fujita Research Scholarship at the 6th ASPASP conference. In his leadership role, Garry was awarded the Australian Leadership Award (2013) and Victoria Ambassador Award - Young Person. In 2012, Garry also received a rare honour of all Australia’s International Student of the Year.

During his social time, he plays the first violin professionally and teaches communities to play various musical instruments. He is the founder and conductor of the USMKK Symphony Orchestra. Garry also performed with prestige orchestras such as the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and Melbourne Symphonic Orchestra.